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Welcome to the site of the South Lebanon Historical Society. We hope you enjoy the artifacts and documents of the history we have found. We are hoping to keep passing the history we collect on to the next generations. With the help of friends, family and the community we can make the history stay alive. Become a member and support the Oldest Town In Warren County: South Lebanon (formerly know as Deerfield, Hamilton County Ohio) the home of  active participants in the Underground Railroad.  The Snook family. The King family of King Powder Company, Wilson family of Wilson Keg Co. , General Sutton family.   The Amburgy family of Kashs' Big Bargain Barn and Holy Land Tours , Knights of Pythias Miami Valley Lodge 703 etc. 

The Old Union Township Building which served as the Town Hall, Court, Jail, Community Center, School, Church, Opera House, Fire ouse, Knights of Pythias Lodge No. 703, Harrison Art Gallery etc.  Not one building served the Community as the Old Union Township Building.  Built in the late 1800's.

 Miami Valley Lodge No. 703 was chartered in 1897 and closed sometime prior to 1945.
Marty Trent, PGC
Grand Secretary
Grand Lodge of Knights of Pythias of Ohio

South Lebanon: By Wanda Robbins 4-10-92

In Warren County sits our little town

  Since 1795 it has been around.

At that time Deerfield was its name

  Later on, South Lebanon it became.

First Methodist minister arrived, he had no place to preach

  A Baptist named Sutton let him use his home, people to reach.

August 8, 1798, John Kobler preached first Methodist sermon in town

  Since that time Methodist preaching has been around.

The Methodist Church sits on King Avenue today

  I say with that record the Methodists are here to stay.

The Methodist was the first here to start a work

  Now our town has eleven different places to go to church.

The very first Church of God down by Duff's Corner came

  First minister, Martin Luther Kilburn was his name.

He was the grandfather of the Roy Kilburn clan

  That's how the first Church of God in this town began.

You tied your horse to a hitching post when you went in

  That is the way you got to church, way back then.

In 1869, gasoline lights lined our streets

  In 1879, natural gas lights replace the obsolete.

In 1889, electric lights, another change was due

  Always improving it for people like you.

January 1, 1805, Deerfield's first Post Office came

  1871 South Lebanon Post Office became its name.

South Lebanon organized its own band October 1, 1898

  Seventeen members they had at that date.

They traveled to Cincinnati and also to fairs, to be

  They won prizes, their band was called K of P.

Deerfield's first election was held first Tuesday 1903

  Without elections today, where would we be?

Our Village population over 3,000 today

  When we go to the polls, we have our say.

A lot of time has come and gone since those early days

  We do things different in so many ways.

September 22, 1903, first street car ran on electric rails

  Today we take our bikes and head for the bike trails.

When the Appalachian people came here to homestead

  Fred's Mushroon and King Powder Plants made their living, it's said.

People from Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia make up this town

  We came her to raise our families and to settle down.

Ole Kash said Kentucky took over without firing a shot

  If that is so, just look at what we got!

Now Kash Amburgy is a man this town owes many thanks

  If it was not for him, just where would our town rank? 

When he came here and built this subdivision

  He built 290 homes in ten years that's a man with a vision.

Kash has sold many things, he's known as Ohio's #l Seller

  Just follow the signs and cars, they'll lead you to that feller.

In the early days the town was run by Justice of Peace

  Now we have the Mayor, Council and Trustees.

Don't forget our firefighters, life squad and police too

  If we didn't have these fine people, what would we do?

For years they volunteered to come to our rescue

  I think our town owes them a great big THANK YOU.

Around 30 some businesses our town now claims

  We've come a long way since Deerfield changed names.

In 1962 the town got its first bank

  To Lebanon Citizens National we owe our thanks.

Thanks to all the businesses, so many cannot name

  But we really appreciate you all just the same.

Now it's 1992, Albert Shepherd is our Mayor today

  He will do his best to help you in any way

He really shows an interest in our town

  This make his second time around.

July 24, 25 and 26 we're going to celebrate

  With an APPALACHIAN FESTIVAL, so don't you be late.

We want you all to come out and have fun

  When the celebration's over, let's make our town NUMBER ONE!

                                                          -Wanda Robbins



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