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Interesting South Lebanon Village Information

Interesting information about South Lebanon

List of Marshals 1908-1926

List of Mayors 1908 - 1938

List of Treasurers and Clerks from 1908 to 1938

Old Union Township Hall

 Village Hall 1976

Municipal Building Dec1960

Knights of Pythias 

Lodge #703 Roster 

Brochure of Meeting Held at Old Union Town Hall Building between 1880's-1920's

South Lebanon Baseball Club of 1895 Listed

South Lebanon Village Council and Mayor Poe

South Lebanon Sewer Article- (Left to Right- Don Darfus,  James Stiener- Lebanon Mayor, Eva Combs- South Lebanon Mayor and Richard Doughman Clerk. 

Agreement for Tobias Bretney to Paint Union Township Hall. 

1959 Pioneer Cemetery Removal