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Peter Cartridge Company 

Photo of Peters Cartridge Company in Kings Mills Ohio

General View of Peters Cartridge Works and Kings Powder Company- Kings Mills, Ohio

Company Photo of employees of Peters Cartridge Company- 1936.  

Peters Cartridge Company ID Card (courtesy of Eric Bowyer)

This is an early 1900's photo looking east across the old iron bridge to the Peters Cartridge factory buildings and the old wood shot tower which was replaced later by the tall brick tower which is still standing. (Courtesy of Eric Bowyer)

This photo shows some of the old powder company building in the ravine near the main building. (Courtesy of Eric Bowyer)

This is a photo postcard from about 1900 showing the old wood tower building of the Peters cartridge company and the other buildings on the east side of the river.  (Courtesy of Eric Bowyer)

1415 Grandin Rd, Maineville, OH 45039