South Lebanon Historical Society Inc.

Our Local Veterans 

Bobby Estle - Army-

** Killed in Line of Duty**

Cecil Bowman - Army

Eugene Louallen - Army

Farley Baker- Marines 

Howard Holcomb- Army

Howard Meyers- 

US Army  and US Navy

Arlie Jett- Army 

Jessie Taulbee- Army

Jim Smith- Marines

Former Mayor of Village of South Lebanon, Ohio 

Robert Duvall- Army

Sean Lewis - Army 

William R Spicer - Army 

Stacey McIntosh- Army

Stanley Rice- US Air Force

Walter P. Cummins- Navy

Judith Centers- US AirForce

Willie Allen- Army

John W Bryant - Marines
Robert "Bob" Sandlin Marines 1966-1968 Vietnam

Marvin Byrd

Army 2000-2004

Emmitt Perin- Army  served in England and France during World War II from 1942 to 1946

Therman H. Sargeant -Army

Elbert Ledford- Marines

Injured during Korean War

Cpl Richard Doughman- 1 of 2 First Ohios to vote at GI Polls in the Canal Zone.

Elvin Harrison 

Served in World War II

Woodrow Wilson

Served in Korea and Vietnam War in Army

Robert Richardson- Army

Robert Stanley Age 19

John Wass 1945 

Johnny Bryant 

James O'Neal Carmack

Charles Rice and Bill Spicer

The Following Soldiers - we are still looking for photos.

John Philpot

Edward Philpot

Forrest Gates

Harold Allen Lucas

Richard D Barrett Army

Kyle Wayne Clark

Harold Clark

Warren Clark

Steve Fugate

Joe Fugate